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Zedd Is A Turd.

Title: Magic Trick
Word Count: 511
Rating: PG
Characters: Richard, Kahlan, Cara, Zedd
Warnings: There is an inappropriate pun at the very end, lmao.
The Story:

“So let me get this straight. You turned the Lord Rahl and the Mother Confessor into…horses so that you could ride into town and find yourself a meal?” Cara’s brow quirked dangerously, body rigid with irritation as she crossed her arms and shifted her gaze between Zedd’s poor excuse for fine dining. As it were, both Richard and Kahlan were public figures. Their faces known, posters were plentiful in every town they ventured near, it had made entering and finding lodging far too risky for their liking. It had been a collective agreement to send Zedd or Cara in for provisions, providing they wore a disguise themselves just for that extra security and to ease the gnawing anxiety which was a fifth and constant companion.

She wasn’t sure just why it was necessary for him to use his magic in order to dress up this façade, why two adults could not bunker down in the woods by themselves for a few short hours. The Mord’Sith was well aware of their feelings, but she knew very well that the two had proven themselves and their restraint time and again. So, she pondered, why had the Wizard cast such a ridiculous spell? And what’s more, why hadn’t he removed it? Prodding him further, she turned her attention from the white mare ( Kahlan ) and the brown steed ( Richard ) to properly address the reason for their current state of being.

Zedd huffed at the look she gave, clearly finding very little to be so uptight about. “I was hungry! They seemed very adamant on keeping me here, what else was I to do? Wait for you to return with those tasteless hares you’ve been barely managing to catch? I could do a better job with a stick trap! Richard and Kahlan are both fine, look at them. They look perfectly content with themselves tome! The spell will wear off in just a few short hours.”

Narrowing her eyes before rolling them, Cara unraveled her arms and began to pivot away from the elderly man. “For your sake, you had better hope that it does.” She didn’t miss the small smirk Zedd gave in silent response to her threat, he knew her well enough to know that she wouldn’t make good on it, for she trusted him and even though she did not have an affinity toward magic, held faith in his ability. Or maybe his wisdom, either way. He knew to be grateful that she was on their side, or this would have been the perfect opportunity for her to sell them out.

Ignoring the overwhelmingly smug wizard behind her, Cara closed the distance between herself and the two horses. She quietly looked over their transformations. “You look better this way,” she spoke, grinning when Richard’s snout nudged at her and he let out what she believed to be an indignant huff. Reaching up to pat him, her eyes shifted to Kahlan,

“You know, if you were to leave Richard like this, technically you could ride him any time you want.”

EDIT FOR END NOTES BECAUSE LJ ATE MY TAGS, WTF!!! YOU HUNGRY LITTLE BITCH. EAT SOMETHING ELSE. To re-quote myself: " do any of you know how long it's been since i've written fic??? THE RUST. quick someone get the WD40!!!! if you didn't know this is for a legendland prompt which was a picture of two horses and my mind went here ok. don't ask i can not explain. my mind works in mysterious ways lmao. "
Tags: do any of you know how long it has been , quick someone get the wd40!!!!, zzzzz if you didn't know this is for leg
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