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Insert Mushu gif here. I wonder who still remains around these parts? I'm making a sincere attempt to get back into posting. Although, I've never quite posted much in the way of opinion and personal matter. Always a fandom goer, me. Therefore, I'll try to write more fic. Maybe I'll manage to post ideas pertaining to fic's. Something, or rather, anything is better than nothing, no? Just as well, I need to reacquaint myself with this site. A lot seems to have changed, leaving me in the dark. For instance, how in the ever bloody fuck do you search communities? Can't for the life of me find the proper search engine. I don't want a google integration, nor do I want to scroll through hundreds of things I'm not interested in. Wah. I'm whining. Any-who! Profile and Journal has been updated; both layout and description, although user info is woefully lacking in a fandom list.

But, enough for now. I hope all is well with the lot of you still lurking these parts!
Tags: again..aha!, i'm back!!!
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