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Fanfiction ; the Master Post! {still editing}

General archive community that I fail to update, at all: nic_fic

        F a n d o m ;
              Fiction Title { Rating ; Word Count }

N/A = I was lazy and did not bother to fill in this part.
S.R.F = Special Request Fic's / Prompts. 
R.P.F = Real Person Fiction |Must be friended to view|

Legend of the Seeker ; 
Note: Everything needs to be categorized, bare with me.

At the Edge of Jealousy { NC-17 ; 5587 }
Richard suspects Kahlan of infidelity, so he interrogates her. It’s the first time an interrogation has ever lead to the removal of his pants. SMUT with a side order of Mild Angst.

Intermission { NC-17 ; 2856 }
After a long day dealing with the citizens of D’Hara at the People’s Palace, Kahlan stops by the throne room as the Lord Rahl’s next appointment. Only, she has other things in mind, and takes her husband by surprise. Literally.

What Victory Entails { NC-17 ; N/A }
The Confessor challenges her Seeker to a friendly fight inducing sex.

Sleepwalker { NC-17 ; N/A }
Kahlan dreams of what it would be like to have a day without magic.

The Chair { NC-17 ; N/A }
Kahlan has only one condition when it comes to sharing HER chair with Richard; he has to be inside her. |S.R.F. Prompt: R/K + K's chair|

Getting Lost { NC-17 ; N/A }
Richard and Kahlan wander off from camp in the black of night, which leads to the Mother Confessor needed her woods guides ~assistance.

Undisclosed Desires Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 { NC - 17 ; N/A }
Post-Perdition. Kahlan’s slowly losing her ability to control the passion and attraction surging between her and Richard.

When the Sun Goes Down { PG-15 ; N/A }
Kahlan's always exhausted, and it's no wonder why.

Living for Tomorrow { PG-14 ; N/A }
Richard shows Kahlan the pleasures of love, and promises her a future filled with happiness; as his wife and the mother of his children. |S.R.F ; Prompt: Richard/Kahlan post-finale|

Kiss of Fire { PG-16 ; N/A }
It's not easy being a Confessor, not especially when there's love in ones heart. |S.R.F ; Prompt: Richard/Kahlan - agreeing with each other to making out and promising to stop before it's too late.|

16 (randomized) ficlets

Links that need summaries/ratings, but are now clickable:
A Love Found is a Love Now Lost
Feel You Me
Fright Night
The Bond Between You and I
Whispers of the Heart
Around the World
Where Her Heart Is
The Silence
A Gift
Destined for Greatness
Sister Nicci
A Valley Full of Flowers
Little Wonders
Don't Tell Zedd the Babysitter's Dead
His to Give
Greatest Gift of All
In Dreams
What Friends Are For
Cursed Corsets
Richard's Scruff
So Close, So Far
Something Else
True Love's Kiss
Isn't it Ironic
This Wild Heart of Mine
A Far Off Dream
At Ease
+any more found on Legendland/my journal.

BONC RPF {must be friended to view}
A Little R&R
Saying Goodbye Pt. 1
Behind the Scenes
Sex and the City
You Make Me
Cherry Pie
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